· Paulo Kauffman, 64 years-old, was graduated in 1964 from Medical School - São Paulo University (FMUSP). He worked as a resident physician for two years in the General Surgery Dept (Hospital das Clinicas em São Paulo) and afterwards specialized in Vascular Surgery at the same Institution. After his Ph.D thesis in 1972, he became Professor - Assistant - Doctor of the Vascular Surgery area at FMUSP Surgery Dept. , where he still serves.

· José Ribas Milanez de Campos was graduated in 1979 from the Federal University of Goiás (Brazil). In 1980 passed the test at São Paulo University, where he worked from his medical residency until his Ph.D was finished in 1992. Afterwards he became Professor - Assistant - Doctor of the Thoracic Surgery Dept. , position held up to now.

From 1995 they both started to perform the Thoracic Sympathectomy through videothoraxcopy, having published their first book on this tecnique in 1998. In 2000 they founded the Hyperhydrosis Clinic which has assistencial purposes for teaching and research within the own Institution. This experience has been divulged at scientific meetings, medical congresses, with many articles published in the press for the people in general as well as scientific magazines both in Brazil and abroad.


More recently along with other colleagues they founded the Clinica do Suor whose objective is to help, guide and assist patients with Hyperhydrosis. They have already interviewed more than 3.500 ill people and operated on about 900 until April/2004.