Give a hand to a "suadinho" (a sufferer from Hyperhydrosis)

"Suando em bicas" (dripping in sweat) is looking for partnerships to make the project become true

"Give a suadinho a hand"
Action for the Public Health system in Brazil

The social project "suando em bicas - dê a mão a um suadinho" consists of forming public-private partnerships with the objective to enable the performance of sympathectomy surgery on those suffering from Hyperhydrosis who have been in the waiting list for a long time at public hospitals in Brazil.

The idea is to develop a Hyperhydrosis movement (mutirões) all over the country, São Paulo being the pilot of this experience, involving the Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein and São Paulo Health Dept. as well as Johnson & Johnson Professional Products.

The authoress manages this project which intends with these partnership to achieve the aim of reducing the list of "suadinhos" waiting for the surgery at public hospitals in Brazil.

- the greatest world manufacturer of equipment which allows the re-section of "sick" filaments : Jonhnson & Johnson Professional Products. It will support and subsidize part of the expenses related to the disposable items utilized for each patient;

- a private hospital renowned all over Brazil shall finance the first Hyperhydrosis movement, serving as an example to be followed by others;

- São Paulo Health Dept. will be benefitted by the waiting list reduction at Hospital das Clínicas, from where the patients shall be withdrawn.

- the remaining manufacturers of equipment parts used at surgery rooms (Strattner);

- São Paulo city / São Paulo state Health Depts.;

- Other private hospitals in São Paulo and cities where the popular movements are being held.

To know our social project better and receive a visit for demonstration please get in touch trhough the email :